Monday, June 02, 2014

Of Running, Aging, and Menu Planning

 For starters, my knee seems fine. I spent four or five days working on it - my foam roller is Big Girl's new favorite toy (she mainly likes to knock it down, football player style). Last Thursday I tested it out on a three miler with our friends (Baby J came along). It was a little tight but no major issues. I also had my first flat tire in the single Bob. I know a lot of people would try and fix it themselves, but I am the take-it-to-the-experts type. I met some awesome folks in a very nearby bicycle center and my stroller is now good as new. Saturday I headed out on a solo run and had no knee issues at all. I'm still planning to take it easy the next week or so, but I think I'm in the clear. Phew.

We reached our nine year wedding anniversary on May 28 so we decided to celebrate on Saturday. It was one of those perfect weather days - good for running, being outside, and absolutely ideal for sitting outside all evening with vintage champagne and oysters on the half shell. It was great just to enjoy each other's company and the glorious quiet setting. We tried really hard not to talk about the kids!

pocket of peace

Speaking of the kids, here we are at month number seven for Baby J! To celebrate, she went for her first swim in the pool. She mostly chilled in a floating pool toy while Big Girl flung herself into the water over and over and over and over again - throwing caution to the wind every time she catapulted off the side of the pool. The upside of all the water activity --> afternoon naps for BOTH kids (hence this post). 

I'll end with this week's menu plan:

Sunday - last night we had snacks for dinner because of large, late lunches. 

Monday - tonight will be leftover beets that have been marinating in oil and vinegar along with the last of our Vidalia onions. They will be tossed with arugula and topped with goat cheese and toasted bread (crouton style). 

Tuesday - Guacamole and tortilla chips Cheese quesadillas too. 

Wednesday - whole wheat pasta with roasted summer squash (thyme), toasted pine nuts and maybe some mozzarella cheese. Parsley too. 

Thursday - egg salad sandwiches on a bun. Side of crunchy carrots and pretzel chips. 

Friday - out again. 

I'm trying to cater to the kids and their taste in food. Baby J devoured avocado last week (this is a new experience for me: to feed a baby something she actually eats) and Big Girl has been eating it too (especially if it highly pureed) so that is why the guac. And Big Girl generally eats zucchini when it is served. Any kind of noodle is acceptable to her too, so pasta is a go-to. I'd like her to try boiled eggs again (one time she proclaimed, "I like it!" but hasn't touched them since). She usually eats carrots too, especially if they are shredded. Her palate remains a work in progress. 


Mommy Run Fast said...

I definitely find us working more around kid preferences, too. Congrats on 9 years!!

jillconyers said...

I've been on a big beet kick lately and your beet salad sounds wonderful!

Kimberly Truesdell said...

Congrats on 9 years of marriage! You look gorgeous in that photo. By the way, isn't challenging not talk about the little one(s)?

I am so terrible in terms of meal planning, when factoring Miles. I often make what I want and hope he eats it. If not, I sometimes cave to things better left unsaid. Thankfully, he's not doing too bad. Last night, smoked turkey sausage = hot dog (in his head).