Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tower Trot Double

It has been said that I tend to overdo it. Particularly when it comes to running. Overdoing it is a relative concept and largely depends on the other factors at hand (say, two small children in tow and being relatively out of shape). So perhaps I was overdoing it when I tried to tackle a "Double" race this past weekend; a 10K followed immediately by a 5K. The jury is still out on the actual verdict, but for now, I'm nursing my wounds and devising a recovery plan. Here's the story -

The race was Saturday in suburban Chicago. I was able to pick up our race packets Friday afternoon while my husband did some work and the kids played with Grandma. While there I inquired about the kids fun run (which stated that it was for kids under 9 and less than a mile). I was told with definite certainty that it was short - about 20 or 50 yards - and totally doable for a 3 year old. So I signed her up. I then headed to starbucks for a little pre race treat and found this signage kind of funny (apologies that it's a bit inside joke-ish..).

Anyway, the night before the race we had pasta for dinner, and most of us hydrated with liquids other than alcohol and went to bed early. I cannot emphasize enough how poorly I slept that night - it was no one's fault, I just couldn't sleep. Baby J was up a couple times, but I just couldn't relax  and probably scored about 2-3 hours of nonconsecutive z's. My bad. Race morning was pretty calm, all things considered. Feeding an infant / breakfasting / dressing kids and myself / gulping down coffee / collecting all race paraphernalia (including Big Girl's race outfit) / preparing snacks / making sure everyone had gone potty / leaving enough time to get to the start - it's kind of nuts these days just getting out of the house, but it's nothing new. We got there with plenty of time - and soon I was blowing kisses to the kids and lining up for the 8:30a 10K start. Meanwhile, Big Girl got in the zone for her own race. 

no, i'm not nervous

pre-race" hooray"
The Kids Dash was held during the 10K - which was a total bummer because I missed it completely. Luckily, my husband and MIL were able to take some pictures before and after her race (which was much closer to a mile than 50 yards! wth). They also provided me with a full race report --

at the start

race ready

As it turns out, "close to a mile" was a bit long for my Big Girl. She started out running - did great for a while, but then realized the finish was very far away. My husband suggested a run/walk strategy to keep her moving, which she did for about half a mile. Then it was just over for her - she veered off course to fight some balloons, one of which she killed completely (the others were merely maimed).

take that!

Shortly after the balloon massacre, she encountered her first water stop, which was manned by boy scouts (several of whom she probably flirted with), and then she just hit the wall. Her race was more or less over at this point, so Daddy had to carry her the rest of the way (which was a good quarter mile - perhaps more). She wasn't even excited about running through the finish chute, which is unfortunate, because that might have been the coolest part of the kids race (so I'm told). In any case, she's three and did what she could. My guess is she's excited about the idea of running, but just wasn't into the actual running part. She was pretty excited about the finish line spread, which included several kinds of chocolate things. This made her forget all about the running component of races, and all was right with the world (til the sugar hit her bloodstream, which I'm told made for quite the spectacle). 

checking out the finish line treats

omg chocolate things!

As for my first race (the 10K) - it went pretty good. I just tried to stay steady and ward off the fatigue. This more of less worked until I became fatigued around 4 miles (typical in a 10K). I noticed a lot of downhills on the course too, which was nice in a way, but also kind of killed my quads. The course had a good amount of shade, but temps were heating up and that didn't help things. I ended up running about 54 and some change.


one: 8:39
two: 8:42
three: 8:53
four: 9:02
five: 8:33
six: 8:36
point two: 1:50

final time: 54:16 (avg 8:43 / mile)

 I had about five minutes between races - enough time to sneak over to my family and inquire about Big Girl's race (she was busy enjoying a donut, but gave me a smile and told me she did a race). I congratulated her and told her to enjoy her post race treat(s). Then I joined my husband and we lined up for the 5K. 

This race was abysmal for me. It started with a pinch in my knee (the troublesome one). I slowed down and hit mile one around nine minutes. The knee felt increasingly pinchy so I employed a run/walk strategy (after stopping to stretch a few times). I so did not want to kill my knee!! I walked a lot and stretched the rest of the way - crossing at 34 minutes. No need to ask - by far a personal worst. 

The ugly splits:

one: 9:06
two: 11:27
three: 12:16
point one: 1:12

final time: 34:00 (avg 10:54 / mile)

I felt pretty defeated and a bit irked that I couldn't run the 5K because of a knee issue (there were also some blisters, but you can push through that without much repercussion). In any case, it wasn't the joyful badass finish experience that I was going for. Plus, I'm obviously concerned about the knee situation - will be resting this week and doing all the ice / vitamin I / rolling / stretching crap that quells an angry IT band. 

My husband had a good race and the kids behaved for Grandma, which is always good to hear. The weather was gorgeous too, and though we were all tired, we tried to enjoy some of the post race festivities (which for me consisted of pretty much immediately feeding the baby and then tending to a super hyper three year old). 

post race with Grandma and Baby J
We didn't stick around too long, seeing as how there was beer to be had, food to be grilled, and a pool for some swimming.

something I need to keep in mind at times when I'm overdoing it

swimming pool

Can't complain. At times you bite off more than you can chew - and perhaps you even choke a little. But maybe it's a good reminder that I should know my limits and back off when I need to. It's a bit sobering because I really thought I was capable of snagging  a decent 9.3 miles at this point. And I would've been had my body agreed. So yeah, RICE this week, or something like that. 

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Kimberly Truesdell said...

Sorry it didn't go better. But you did awesome during the 10K! I'm not sure how I would handle back-to-back races like that with the downtime in between.

I am pretty sure I too frequently take big girl's approach. When the exciting "I'm running" feeling is gone, I'm over it.

Take care of that knee!