Thursday, May 15, 2014

Time is Slipping Away

Creating blog posts is something I enjoy. It gives me the chance to reflect and relive, two things that I find greatly enhance life experiences. One of the things that was so hard for me after having my first child was the challenge of finding the time and energy for reflection. My life had clearly changed immensely, and I was too busy trying to survive with a newborn that I couldn't step back and contemplate the impact of those changes. When baby number two was born, I had a bit more opportunity to reflect. I knew (more or less) the basics of newborns (feed, change, nap, repeat), and that gave me the chance to relax a little and enjoy the fleeting moments of those first few weeks. These days I look around and realize my newborn is on her way to her first birthday. While that may still be months away, I know it will sneak up on me. When people ask me how old she is and I'm shocked to hear myself say "six and a half months" - what?! That can't be. She is so small. Wasn't she just born?

In any case, my days lately have been a crazy mess of baby care, preschooler drama, and trying to fit everything else in. One of those things is running. I've almost established a regular weekly running routine. It doesn't look too impressive, but it has been somewhat consistent. Tuesdays and Thursdays, when my Big Girl is at school, I am able to take Baby J in the Bob. She is at the perfect stage for this shenanigan; she's QUIET, weighs next to nothing, and tends to fall asleep almost immediately. She has no opinion about the route I take or the distance I pick. She doesn't point out objects or demand snacks. She allows me a bit of peace, and I've been able to let my mind wander and escape to a meditational paradise which has been very restorative. At times I've forgotten I'm even pushing a stroller. I am very much enjoying this good fortune; especially coupled with this temperate spring weather. It's helped me sort out a lot of things and de-stress as well. I know that this stage won't last forever, so I'm soaking it up while I can. I've also recruited a mama friend and her adorable two year old daughter to run with us on these days. They've been joining us almost every Tuesday and Thursday, so I have company and extra fun. 

I'm also still doing pilates once a week. It's been great for fitness but also for a built in regular social time with my best momma friends. It's not the same therapeutic experience as running solo, but it definitely helps to hash things out, no matter how trivial the subject matter. 

Then there are the weekends. I usually enjoy one totally solo run, and I try to make it longer than my typical weekday run. Ideally I have slept something better than negligible the night before and have time for coffee and breakfast with my wee ones (I really love breakfasting with them!). The only caveat to this sequence is that mornings are our best time for family activities, and when you factor in post run showers, snacks, baby feedings, and prepping for the activity, this leaves very little time for the actual activity. But we are finding ways to make something work, even if it does make me feel a little bit guilty about taking up that time with my run. 

My point is this. Life is comprised of a bunch of days filled with things that keep you (very) busy. It's only when you stop and think (reflect, if you will) that you realize what you've been doing and how it's been going. The passage of time needs punctuation to be truly acknowledged, and I'm doing my best to take note because my babies are growing up faster than I ever though possible. When I have the luxury of a solo run or a quiet run with Baby J, I get that chance for reflection. I think about how fortunate I am to have so many blessings in life, even when things seem challenging. I think about how many great opportunities I have had and continue to have. And it makes me appreciate the fact that running has been there for me all along; whether I've been training hard or backing off, it's been a constant in my life that has helped me see how far my life has come and where it might be going next. 

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Mommy Run Fast said...

I'm so glad you're finding a good routine! I'm wondering what my running or workouts will look like juggling two kids, but I'll just have to take it a day at a time. Yay for peaceful stroller runs!