Thursday, May 15, 2014

Menu Planning - May 11

I realize this week is practically over, but I wanted to share my menu plans anyway.

Sunday - we had a nice Mother's Day weekend with all the moms together. I did my Mother's Day run the day before (6 warm miles), so I was free to celebrate in a relaxed manner on Sunday. Brunch was our big meal of the day - out with the family - so dinner was pretty light.

Monday - we tried out a new seafood restaurant --> the concept is kind of like "chipotle" where you make it to order. You pick a fish, decide how you want it prepared, and how you want it served. Options range from "straight up" to "tacos" to "on top of rice/quinoa/veggies" to "subs." You can also get sides like slaw and tater tots. Since they are quite new, our order wasn't exactly how we requested, but it has potential.

Tuesday - we used us leftover kale along with roasted peppers and vidalia onions to go with a trader joe frozen chicken entree. This was over brown rice.

Wednesday - my mom was here so we gave the seafood place another try. This time they got it right!

Thursday - tonight I'm making meatballs to go over roasted veggies (asparagus, peppers, onions) and perhaps some whole wheat pasta if we're feeling really hungry.

Friday - leftover meatballs in pita with sauce. Greens (I have spinach and arugula to use up)

The weather right now is pretty bi-polar - one minute it's freezing and you need heat / the next it's hotter than hades and a/c is a must. Today we have cold and rain (and wind, of course, but that is a given).

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Kimberly Truesdell said...

I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day. The morning meal was our big one, too. I love a good brunch!

I think the idea of that seafood restaurant sounds cool. I heart fish tacos.