Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Family Run with the Duallie and Menu Planning -May 18

Ok, here we go!

Last week was a good one runningwise- I came in slightly under 25 miles for the week's total. Since I'm a mom of two, that is like 50 miles. Maybe 75. So I am overachieving. And awesome. Pace is irrelevant. In any case, the week included a nice mix of solo running, single bob runs, and the first time with the dualie (filled with kids, obv). I'll start this post with some food talk and end with the weekly plan (already underway!), and in the middle will be details of our first family (of four) run. Fasten your seat belts.

I recently mentioned vidalia onions. They have now made their way north, and our local grocery stores have a good selection of them in the produce department. We picked up a decent supply and have been incorporating them wherever there might be need for an onion. Saturday night we sauteed them and paired them with a pork chop and some Duckhorn Chardonnay. Just an FYI, these onions are superb, but tossing them in splashes of soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and balsamic vinegar elevates their status to five-star. And thyme, obviously. So yeah, the onions were the star of the show.

chardonnay / onions

Saturday morning was also a solo sixer for me. I can't say much about my pace, but it was passable. Sunday was a warmer day that didn't require a jacket. We spent almost all of it outside, and by late afternoon, we were ready to get our grill on. But before that, we wanted to get our first family run in the books. Since it was late afternoon, the lakeshore path was busy. You can't fault people for wanting to be outside near the lake, taking pics, riding bikes, ambling, powerwalking, running, pushing strollers, walking dogs, laying out, napping, chatting, whatever their fancy. These pics are deceiving because it makes it look like we had the paths to ourselves, but in reality I was constantly dodging obstacles so it was hard to really get into a groove. And momentum is something you want on your side when pushing a duelie (no matter what your pace). Another thing you want on your side is cooperative passengers. The little one was fairly easy, settling in for a snooze almost immediately, but the big one wanted snacks, wanted to run herself, wanted her safety belts adjusted (constantly), wanted her voice to be heard (literally and figuratively). So the beginning was filled with lots of stops. If you zoom in, you can see the look on my "threenager's" face which just about sums it up. Sometimes a picture really does say 1000 words.

out and back

This next pic came out great! Just me and my (quiet) girls jogging along the lake. Not a care in the world. And props to my husband for taking it!

family run!
 I had to include this pic because it is a pretty accurate look at what goes on multiple times on a baby jogger run - what.can.i.do.for.you.now? (note: whatever it is, it usually can wait but won't).

how may i help you!?
This run was unusual because we ended up with not one, but TWO sleeping kids. Perhaps the whining was Big Girl's way of saying she had enough. The poor kid has recently completely given up her nap and sometimes she just needs a rest! Can't blame her - that makes all of us.

sleeping babes

Luckily they both woke up in good spirits (is anyone else terrified of their cat-napping three year old?? the wake-up typically makes the short bit of peace and quiet totally not worth it..), and we set our sights on sipping beers and grilling burgers. We also made an outstanding side dish using our vidalia onions : steamed in foil on the grill and tossed with the balsamic/soy sauce/Worcestershire combo along with some fresh dill. Honestly, make that. It is beyond first class. And pair it with an IPA because IPAs are just the best. They know no season (IMO).

rockin onion side dish

Weekly menu:

Sunday - burgers/beer/onions 

Monday - lentil soup (made a couple weeks ago and pulled from the freezer). I added grated parmesan cheese and hot giardinara to mine and ate it with tortilla chips. I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of soup so this really helped transform it into a non-soup-like meal. 

Tuesday - I think we are doing a big salad (greens, scallions, carrots, cucumber tomatoes, probably blue cheese and a mustard vinaigrette) with fresh bread. 

Wednesday - pizza with spanish chorizo, vidalia onions, sauce, and mozzarella cheese

Thursday - lefover meatball sandwiches with homemade tzatziki sauce

Friday - away for the holiday weekend

I'll close this happy post by mentioning that I am signed up for a "Double" race this coming weekend - a first for me. It will include a 10K followed by a 5K (the faster I do the 10K, the more time I have to rest inbetween). There is, no doubt, a chance I will be walking the 5K. But I feel pretty badass with just the registration under my belt. Happy Memorial Day weekend / official start of summer oh-fourteen!


Mommy Run Fast said...

Best of luck this weekend! 25 miles is awesome. And I remember well the many, many stops on stroller runs. We don't do too many these days, but I'm planning to use the stroller again with #2!

Kimberly Truesdell said...

Way to go! 25 miles is no joke, especially with two wee ones. I cannot imagine running with the dualie. Miles is enough in the stroller! I love that they need water stops. Or maybe it's him. after all, sitting and talking is very strenuous.

Love the tip on the onions, too!