Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Core Power and nyc

National Ab Month is just four days in. Already I've cursed it a number of times, but I'm trying to find ways to make it mine. Personalize it, if you will. I don't currently have much strength at all, much less core strength, so I'm picking workouts that allow me to ease into it. Here's how the first four days have gone:

Feb 1: 100 crunches (broken up into sets of 10 with a break at 50)

Feb 2: Three sets of 10 second plank poses on both sides and the front

Feb 3: 100 crunches broken up into sets of 10 

Feb 4: Pilates

Big Girl got involved on days two and three, taking her turn between my sets. I was grateful for the rest, and we counted a lot, so that's probably good use of time! It should be known that her planks (as well as her "crunches") look pretty relaxed :)

different versions of side plank

Secondly, Baby J and I went to nyc at the tail end of last week to meet my husband who was doing some work there. I opted to go because I've traveled with a three month old before, and knew she would allow me to do mostly what I wanted. And she rallied like a trooper! I had the best case scenario on the plane trip out - window seat for me, empty seat in the middle, and pregnant mom on the aisle. The mom and I spent most of the trip chatting and Baby J was an angel! Since my husband was working most of the time and/or otherwise busy, I was on my own. Between feeds, I strapped Baby J in the ergo and took her all over town. She travelled in the subway like a pro (ie. kept a low profile and stayed silent). We visited lots of my friends - and she even met some of my former students. I mostly spent time at various friends apartments, letting Baby J stretch her limbs and "play" with their kids. I was also able to dine out a few nights and had a lovely coffee date as well. As usual, I come home from new york missing it dearly, but also knowing I am living in the right place for me at this time. Sadly, I did not have any chance to run there, so I didn't even bring running clothes :( next time!!

Here is one picture I got of the three of us in our hotel room one evening - you can tell we partied hard in the Big Apple ;)

It really was a terrific trip! I actually slept pretty well (still getting up once a night to feed the baby) and things went in our favor. Our Big Girl stayed with her grandparents and had a pretty fun time - have I mentioned they are the best?!) We are all home safe and happy to be back together. 

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