Monday, January 20, 2014

Menu Planning - January 19

Oops - a day late. I'm going to blame it on a nasty, crippling illness that rendered me useless all day Saturday. I can't say exactly what happened. It hit me like a bus. Friday night I had some girlfriends over - very chill night with fun eats and very few sips of bubbly. I felt fine after they left and still fine when Baby J got up to eat at 4:30am. Around 7a, my head began to betray me with a pounding, straining ache that made me dizzy and hardly able to stand up. There was puking every hour on the hour and a crazy high fever (103! might be a record). I was so sick I couldn't even sleep - that is the worst! And I had to give away some Bulls tickets I won for Saturday night that would have had me watching from a skybox suite. And let's not forget my "comeback" attempt at running that already seems pathetic and now consists of another long slew of rest days. Winter is the pits. But let's move on. When I finally freed my head from the evil clutches of virus, we sat down to make the week's menu plan (among other things).

Sunday - red beans and rice along with some braised collards (stock, as usual, was a key ingredient in both of these dishes)

Monday - tonight I'm making homemade chicken noodle soup

Tuesday - homemade creamy mac and cheese with leftover collard greens

Wednesday - steak tacos (last bag of leftover frozen prime rib from Christmas) with avocado, radish, salsa and sour cream on corn tortillas

Thursday - leftover chicken soup

Friday - maybe a fish night. or leftovers. 

I'll end on a good note. I had an awesome run today! 28 degrees, no wind, decently clear paths. I left the garmin at home so I don't know exact pace or distance, but pace = comfortable and distance = acceptable. So I'm happy. Maybe now I can start clawing my way back to some sort of fitness routine? Please?


Janelle J said...

Ugh that sounds like a terrible sickness! Hope you're feeling better! Your meals look great!

Mommy Run Fast said...

Oh no! That sounds so awful. Enjoy the week and getting back into a fitness routine!