Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Run with Baby J

I have been lucky to live in apartment buildings that have a gym in the building. While I can't say I'm even close to a gym rat, it has come in handy on a number of occasions. When Big Girl was a few months old - too young to take in the Bob and the weather was a hot mess - I took her down to the gym and banged out the miles on the treadmill. She slept and didn't bother anyone, and I got my workout in. Plus, I was working my way back in terms of mileage, so the treadmill was perfect. Now that Big Girl is in school a couple days a week and her sister is too young to take in the Bob (not to mention the cold, messy weather of winter), I am finding that this is a good option yet again. Our gym is small, but has treadmills and I'm not opposed to running on the moving walkway every now and then. In fact, I am just grateful to be running again.

I was a bit nervous about taking Baby J up there today, but it didn't seem to be a problem. There was a protected, tucked-away spot for her stroller and she slept like a champ. I hopped on the mill and started up my tunes. My legs were still sore from Saturday's initial run (omg, was I sore this weekend!! like ran a marathon sore - no joke), but they felt better with each step I took. I knocked out two and a half miles at 10:14 pace. Short and slow but on the board.

running "with" Baby J
If I ever go back into the working world, I can include "finds creative ways to fit in a run" along with "feeds faces and wipes butts" on my resume under the "strengths and/or special skills" section. 

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Kimberly Truesdell said...

The big question: Are you using creative ways to wipe noses and butts? If so, you got the job!

Hooray for run No. 2 (is that right) and feeling a bit better. I got out last night for a couple miles and loosened up a bit. I left the Garmin at home, though, so I could enjoy the recovery.