Sunday, December 01, 2013

Menu planning - December 1

Alright! Here we go --

Sunday - Brussels sprouts braised in (leftover) turkey gravy and wine (w/ a splash of balsamic vinegar) - pictured below. Fresh rye bread and an ash-ripened goat cheese. Leftover pumpkin pie for dessert. Sake to wash it all down.

brussels braising on the stove  (and a big pot of turkey stock)

Monday - leftover roasted cabbage (from Tom collichio's "how to think like a chef). We made this Friday night - it was delicious - anyway, the leftovers will be put over polenta and topped with a poached egg

Tuesday - we are using mark bittman's kale/chickpea recipe which is supposed to be vegan, but we will be de-veganizing it with chorizo

Wednesday - leftover Brussels sprouts over pasta

Thursday - roasted portabella mushrooms over leftover polenta topped with a cream sauce (cream, shallot, thyme)

Friday - something in our freezer ... dumplings or a trade joe item

Saturday - our big tree decorating day!! Cheese fondue will be the center of the meal, but we will also add a simple spinach dip that I am currently obsessed with : sauté spinach in olive oil and garlic. Put in food processor with cannellini beans, a splash of balsamic vinegar and some fresh lemon juice. Season with salt and use a a dip for pita chips or endive. Couldn't be easier.

So, the day after Thanksgiving we broke out our new double stroller. I have visions of running with my girls at some point (when the weather is warmer and Baby J can sit in there sans the car seat). But for now, it is my main form of transportation when I have both girls and have to go father than Big Girl can walk. That thing is a beast! It's huge. But fun, sort of. I'm getting better at maneuvering it, but still. Wide sidewalks are greatly appreciated!

Wide Load
Our first excursion with both girls in the dualie was an oyster bar. Why? Because oysters are awesome, and I love them. We split a dozen along with a hefty IPA. Our big girl indulged in French fries and smiles. And Baby J slept through the whole thing - god bless her. All in all, a success.

oyster bar


Jess said...

Those dbl strollers are beasts! Running with mine is like pushing a VW beetle.

I think I'm all done with mine, though. I can't remember the last time we used a stroller whatsoever.

Mommy Run Fast said...

Mmm, that spinach dip sounds so good! And yay for the double stroller!