Sunday, February 03, 2013

Menu Planning - February 3, 2013

For this week ~

Sunday - Typical Super Bowl eats - buffalo wings (habenero!), celery/blue cheese, a homemade bean dip with refried beans, sour cream, shredded cheese and salsa - served with tortilla chips. Beer from Deschutes Brewery.

Monday - Roasted rutabaga over polenta with a tarragon cream sauce

Tuesday - Roasted sweet potatoes (with olive oil and rosemary) and creamed spinach (Deborah Madison recipe) over whole wheat pasta

Wednesday - Polenta with roasted broccoli, italian sausage, and sautéed onion

Thursday - Mashed roasted sweet potatoes (leftover from Tuesday), with fish 

Friday - Pizza - italian sausage/onion (leftover from Wednesday), mozzarella, grated piave cheese and a side green salad

This morning we went on a family run (in flurries) and dealt with the same slushy/snowy path as I did yesterday. I will say a few things: The Bob is worth it's weight in gold - that thing flies over piled up snow and works it effortlessly over slush. I do have to watch that I don't get sprayed by the slop shooting off the spinning wheels, but otherwise it rolls like a dream. Also, no one in Chicago seems to think we are crazy for running in these conditions. People smile and wave just like they do when it's 70 and sunny. I love that! Tough souls live here - I am one of them. And lastly, Baby loves it. She's in there, all bundled up, smiling and clapping her mitten-clad hands to "happy and you know it." She doesn't miss a beat (literally). 

After our run today, we hung at our local coffee shop - Baby snacked on her apple and cheddar bunnies and let us sip our coffees in peace. It was a stellar arrangement. Sometimes, she flat out rocks ;)

I'll have a post re: Ab Month soon - so far I'm 100%.

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Mommy Run Fast said...

Love that you got to hang out at the coffee shop! She is too adorable all bundled up. And polenta needs to return on my menu, too. Have a great week!