Saturday, February 02, 2013

Frosty "Five by the Fifth" 5K in February

Weather conditions this morning should have convinced even the most stubborn among us to stay home, curl up with a cup of hot coffee, and read the paper...biding our time until it made sense to take a nap. Some of us are beyond stubborn. Downright nuts. I headed into today's Virtual 5K with the enthusiasm that I normally reserve for ridiculously hoppy ales or freshly shucked oysters. Here's a tale of how I managed to keep my spirits high, despite the winter's repeated attempts to thwart me.

* Race: Frosty "Five by the Fifth" 5K in February
* Date and Start time: February 2, 2013..10am-ish.
* Location: Chicago's Lake Shore Path
* Distance: 5K
* Field: Sparse
let's do this!!
* Start Horn: Couldn't hear it through my winter head gear (buff, headband, hat with visor)
* Course: An out and back along the snow-covered, slushy, icy, salty, windy (short "i"), windy (long "i") lakeshore path.

that snow-covered part behind the path --> lake michigan
* Hydration System: when thirsty, simply open mouth and let the snowflakes come barreling in
* Footing: Extremely tricky

arctic runner
* Headwind: Ever-present
* Finish line: buried under snow

where does it end?!

Stats -
Mile 1: 8:38
Mile 2: 7:45
Mile 3: 8:20
Last .1: 0:43
Total: 25:26

attending the rockin' finishers "party"..
"next time take me with you" said the one with the "abstract" hair do
frosty 5K collage
Reflections on this run: I wanted to burn it big time. But the footing was so tricky I really had to tread carefully. I was able to snag a 7:45 middle mile because the path was clear and the wind was mostly pushing me forward. If I sensed any possibility of ice, I slowed and tiptoed forward. Slipping and eating snow wasn't in my race plans, even with the lack of fuel on the course (though race organizers shouldn't be blamed - it was only a 5K ;)). After the race I put in about four more cool down miles (haha, cool down! I was plenty chilled already), making my total seven. My time for the seven was just under an hour. 

Thanks again to Laura of Mommy, Run Fast for setting up this Virtual Run series! I'm already looking forward to what March has to offer.

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Mommy Run Fast said...

You are the best story teller. :) Those are some pretty speedy miles for the conditions... great job, Angela!