Monday, April 04, 2011

Last Run...for now

After almost 37 weeks of pregnancy, I have run my last pre-natal run. Though I am disappointed that I must put running temporarily on hold, I am certainly okay with it and know it is best for my baby (and probably me, too--running is not easy at nine months pregnant). In fact, I feel lucky to have run this far into my pregnancy! The decision to stop was not entirely mine. I was advised by several doctors to "take it easy" and "be less active" during these last few weeks. I asked one doctor for specifics, since the definition of "less active" to a runner can be so ambiguous, and her answer helped me see clearly see that giving up running for the duration of this pregnancy was in our best interests.

Here's a look at my monthly mileage while pregnant:
August: 116 miles
September: 35 miles
October: 35 miles
November: 41 miles
December: 32 miles
January: 46 miles
February: 29 miles
March: 27 miles
April: 0 miles
Grand Total of miles logged with baby on board: 361! 

Even I am impressed by this ;) I enjoyed each and every mile and vow to ease back into this after baby is born. There is no need to rush recovery (as I have often learned the hard way in the past).

So now what?? If I want to continue to blog about running without actually running, then I have to be creative. Luckily, running is still a big part of my life even when I'm taking a break. For example, yesterday was the MORE Half Marathon. In the past I've paced the MORE half for women (2007 and 2009), but this year I was a spectator. I was mostly there to cheer on a good friend who was running her first half ever, but I was also excited to encourage the Flyer pacers. It was a perfect day for running, and I stood on the sidelines with Flyer photog BC waving, chatting, and cheering.

runners on the west drive

BC even got a pic of me hanging out..umm literally ;)

My friend did great, and it was really fun to see so many Flyers I haven't seen in ages. Spectating really was a blast!

I'd like to end this post with a picture I find hilarious. This was taken last week when my best friend and I were shopping for baby stuff. I got a phone call during our excursion and felt like playing ball while I chatted (I am rarely idle, you understand).  Picture, if you will, a nine-month pregnant chick continuously dribbling a ball one-handed between her legs. That is what I was doing. My friend snapped this pic when I caught the ball after successfully bouncing it through my legs (hence the blurry hand). I find it funny that my belly closely resembles the ball ;)

playing ball in the store


Jess said...

You did awesome with the running during pregnancy and really racked up some significant miles!

Diana said...

YOu look great!! Just enjoy a little down time before the baby arrives! You'll be ready to hit the streets in no time.

Faither said...

Hey...with moves like that I reckon Cappie Pondexter better look

Looking forward to the first pictures of the next generation of'll be absolutely fine.

The Laminator said...

You're stll running at 37wks? You're crazy know that right? Wow!

You look absolutely awesome. Your "marathon" is finally over! Can't wait to see your new arrival!

Theia said...

Enjoy these last few weeks before your bundle of joy arrives! Best of luck with everything.

Laura said...

That is a really fun pic :) Congrats on running so much!

Kate said...

You are hilarious and an inspiration! I'm proud to be your friend.

fashionhause said...

You can do proper exercise, but must pay attention to the child's safety.